Business - Commercial Insurance

A variety of programs are available and can be tailored for very specific businesses such as: auto repair facilities, contractors, distributors, wholesalers, printing shops, retailers, florists, gym's, offices, light manufacturing, restaurants, consultants, and a host of other types.  We represent dozens of commercial insurers so please contact us to see how we may help (816) 984-6265.

General Liability Coverage
is available to protect business owners from losing everything they have. It provides protection for premises, products, contractual, personal and advertising injury, as well as many other liability exposures that could destroy the business you spent so much time building.

Business Property Insurance
customizes property coverage to meet your individual businesses needs. This includes covering your buildings, business property, tools, equipment, and even business continuation. It's designed to protect you property, including various equipment that is key to your day-to-day operations.

Business Interruption Insurance
protects your income and any expenses incurred to keep your business going in the event of natural or man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, fires or explosions.

Crime Coverage
protects business owners against damages caused by acts of dishonesty while also protecting your business from theft, robbery, and burglary.  Options are available for theft of personal property, employee dishonesty, depositor's forgery and broad form money and securities coverage.

Business Vehicle Insurance
is necessary if you have any company cars, trucks or other vehicles.  As with personal auto insurance, you can save money by raising your deductible or forgoing comprehensive and collision coverage.

Small Business Workers Comp Coverage
is required in most states and covers losses from injuries that happen on the job, regardless of who's at fault.  These claims can cost employers a great deal of time and money, so this type of coverage offers specialized solutions for just such small business losses.

Professional Liability Insurance
is critical in many industries for additional liability coverage.  Errors and omissions insurance is common for consultants and accountants because it protects against negligence or errors in their work.  Additionally, you may require employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), which protects your business against wrongful termination, sexual harassment or race and gender discrimination claims.

Business Life Insurance (Partnership Life Insurance)
is available to preserve the future of your business.  In the event that you or your partner fall ill or die, it is important that you create a business continuation plan that may include things like a "buy-sell" agreement.  A buy-sell agreement, funded by Life Insurance and written while the owners are alive, can guarantee that your heirs can sell their share of the business to surviving owners and/or that the surviving owners can buy their share. Each owner also agrees not to sell their interests without first offering it to the remaining owners at a previously agreed-upon price.

This information is for general informational purposes only.  Please refer to your policy for specific details and definitions about your coverage.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Bodily Injury, Liability Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, and Collision Coverage. Let BID find you a better auto insurance deal.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a key component of your family's financial well being, so it makes sense that you insure it properly.  Let BID find you a better home insurance deal.

Life Insurance

LIFE Insurance

Having a Life Policy in force is so important that it warrants special consideration. Protect your family's finances. Let BID find you a better Life insurance deal.