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Here are some phone numbers to help get you in contact with the right departments at your insurance company.  However, if you have any questions as to whether or not you should submit something please contact us first, so we can use our knowledge to help you determine the best avenue for you to proceed - this may save you money.  An article on when not to file an insurance claim is in the Articles section of the website.  If your insurance provider is not listed here please contact us directly - our contact information is below:

Customer Service   800 252-4670
Online Bill Pay    

Dairyland Insurance
Customer Service   800 334-0090
Online Bill Pay 

Foremost Insurance Group / Bristol West
Claims    800 527-3907
Billing    800 532-4221
Customer Service    800 527-3905
Online Bill Pay

Hallmark Insurance
Claims and Customer Service    800 486-5616
Online Bill Pay

Claims 24/7    800 243-5860
Auto Glass Claims    800 892-8484
Rescue Svc/Roadside Assistance    800 322-7789
Workers Compensation    800 984-5770
Commercial    800 327-3636
Online Bill Pay 

Kemper Preferred
Customer Service    877 252-7878
Manage Online Account 

Auto Claims 24/7    800 854-6011
Online Bill Pay                   

Claims and Customer Service    800 925-2886
Roadside Service    800 876-6078
Online Bill Pay

Claims and Customer Service    800 557-5010
Automated Bill Pay    800 332-3226
Roadside Assistance    877 762-3101
Online Bill Pay                
State Auto
Claims    800 766-1853
Auto Glass Claims    888 504-4527
Online / Phone Bill Pay

Claims 24/7    800 252-4633
Auto Glass Claims    866 878-4527
Customer Service    866 933-7287
Online Bill Pay                    

Claims    800 987-3373

Mailing address:
                             9218 Metcalf Avenue #192
                             Overland Park, KS 66212

                             (816) 984-6265

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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Bodily Injury, Liability Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, and Collision Coverage. Let BID find you a better auto insurance deal.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a key component of your family's financial well being, so it makes sense that you insure it properly.  Let BID find you a better home insurance deal.

Life Insurance

LIFE Insurance

Having a Life Policy in force is so important that it warrants special consideration. Protect your family's finances. Let BID find you a better Life insurance deal.